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2004 WWE Jakks Pacific Classic Superstars 3-Packs Series 1 WrestleMania V: Andre the Giant vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts with Big John Studd as Guest Referee [With Single-Strap Andre the Giant]

According to The Complete Guide to Jakks Classic Superstars, "The story is Jakks sent Jake the Snake and/or Andre the Giant's daughter a few cases of the figures with the one-strap singlet. However, they [Jakks] mistakenly mass produced the two-strap singlet in one of the bigger errors in the line's history."

Release Date: 2004

Attire Date:

Attire date best estimate based on when majority of gear/accessories were worn or most memorable event. May vary from manufacturer stated date.

Release Country: United States

Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific

Manufacturing Country: China

Line: Classic Superstars 3-Packs

Series: 1

Exclusive Retailer:Walmart

Limited Edition: