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1994 AAA Hasbro Ring Oficial "AAA"

Until recently, it was believed the Kelian AAA line consisted only of the 12 figures pictured. However, samples from Mexico have surfaced of Ring Oficial "AAA," which is a 1994 Hasbro King of the Ring repack with AAA stickers—but a WWF championship belt. While clearly intended as part of the Kelian AAA line, the ring was actually manufactured by Hasbro.

Release Date: 1994

Attire Date:

Attire date best estimate based on when majority of gear/accessories were worn or most memorable event. May vary from manufacturer stated date.

Release Country: Mexico

Manufacturer: Hasbro

Manufacturing Country: United States

Line: Oficial AAA

Series: Wrestling Rings & Playsets

Exclusive Retailer:

Limited Edition: